Students eating in Atrium

我们要做的就是专注于你的一切,人们每天我们同时透过我们 11个餐饮场所餐饮服务。我们要确保您的需求得到满足,我们邀请你没有得到满足时,他们与我们联系。





厨师白加入了餐饮团队于1997年,负责监督诺亚中心筹备和服务。 读生物.



厨师eastes担任了几年大学餐饮厨师,目前在lafollette广场厨师。 读生物.

Stephanie Miller


厨师米勒在2012年球状态下开始作为Quiznos的组长迁入埃利奥特餐饮厨师位置2013。 读生物.



厨师dowless加盟球状态的餐饮团队在2016年之前,在伍德沃思公共厨师。 读生物.


Reusable Mugs

Refillable Ball State Dining mugs 和 tumblers are great for the environment & are available across campus at most dining locations. We donate about 28,000 reusable bags & have had a reduction of 230,000 plastic to-go bags annually, largely thanks to our reusable mug & reusable bag programs.

我们致力于成为在大学的可持续发展目标的重要合作伙伴。 ESTA包括对环境该局把重点放在我们的正常运营,参与与商业和配套服务,和教育我们的社区在校园里可以帮助他们的方法。 


  • 回收
    • 从炸锅油回收:近92000磅每年
  • 社区
    • 约。有益健康的剩菜28,000磅捐赠给当地的食物银行去年
      (Adherent to proper temperature, time frame, & permission, in accordance with Indiana State Health Code)
  • 食物选择
    • Recognizing the benefits of meat-free or -reduced diets on the environment, offer daily vegan & vegetarian options on campus

71 percent of our seafood options have sustainable certification

  • Food Preparation & Service
    • 使用二十四时钟,自动温度监测系统的冷库-smarttemps®
  • Paper Goods & Packaging
    • 在校园里那些鼓励运动,以减少使用一次性用品
    • Purchase Eco-friendly recycled food containers for to go orders &, if possible, use china & flatware
  • 小食品的卡车
    • Electric, low-impact vehicle offers healthy food options & meals to campus food deserts, & its menu emphasizes cuisine representing less impact on the environment
  • 本地
    • 100% of coffee is locally roasted & organic from Indy’s own Hubbard & Craven’s*
      Source an assortment of bread, cheese, fresh beef, fresh pork, & milk from farms & companies across the state

  • Cleaning & Chemicals
    • Use eco-friendly chemicals & cleaning methods: Reduced custodial products from 155 to 68
  • Maintenance & Repair
    • Preventative maintenance program reduces facility equipment breakdowns & outages, increasing efficiency
  • 设备
    • Buy energy efficient & Energy Star rated equipment when feasible: Dining Services has made conscious efforts to identify, research, & decide on processes for new North Dining facility that directly impact this effort
  • 垃圾收集
    • 协作随着曼西卫生区为方差减少油脂捕集器的在多个位置泵送频率
  • 客户意识
    • Continue tradition of “Dinner in the Dark”: An energy conservation awareness event takes place twice a year & partners with student body & Student Government Association